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Creating art from sentimental items is what the Zimmer family asked Bruce to do with their family piano.
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Transform your cherished family items into beautiful works of art with our custom commission service. Breathe new life into sentimental objects and preserve your family memories in a unique and meaningful way.

 It's an honor, as an artist, when someone entrusts me to tell their story, to bring life to their vision. Whether we create something new or transform something special you already own, I will use the extent of my abilities to create a work of art you will be proud of for years to come.

* Please note these are time consuming projects, please allow for up to three months for a work to be completed, and longer for larger works. Prices for custom artwork range in the low to mid five figures, varying based on scale, level of detail and materials used. To schedule a consultation please reach out using the form below.


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