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After her brother could no longer live alone I was invited by my dear friend Maria to help go through and gather materials from his metal workshop and estate. It was an inspiring and sometimes emotional process. R.O. Douglass was a brilliant machinist, who's life encompassed everything from fixing a neighbor's car to creating specialty pieces ordered by Nasa that would go on to visit space. Throughout this process I began to create a new phase of work, "Shapes".


Steel Magnolia is one of my favorite works to come of this phase. It was first shown at my solo "Layers" at the Eastern Shore Art Center, and was subsequently on display for 6 months at the Mobile Museum of Art's "Southern Masters" exhibit, alongisde artists Casey Downing and Nall.


Steel Magnolia, 2018, is made from assorted metal from old Mobile, fan blades, and marble.

Steel Magnolia

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